The wisdom choosing Bull Point

William Bull stood at James Oglethorpe’s right hand as they chose the site and laid out the city of Savannah. He left his name on a central street of that historic design for living. It endures to this day and draws people from around the world to admire its beauty, dignity and symmetry.

For part of his own home, William Bull chose this ground. Bull Point. It was a wise choice, then and now.

Some others who chose Bull Point

The bald eagle, symbol of freedom, is seen at Bull Point occasionally, when it suits him. Shore birds like osprey and game birds like wild turkey live here, too. The fox and the deer are no strangers.

The people who chose Bull Point are as unique and individual and independent as their neighbors in nature. But they seem to have a few things in common. Bull Point appears to appeal to people who’ve accomplished a thing or two, and who appreciate the niceties of civilization, yet who don’t have to live too near to the beaten path.

Choice. The essence of freedom

Pretty soon visitors to Bull Point notice what we don’t have here: our own golf course. With more than thirty top courses within a pleasant drive from the gate, we thought you’d like to choose your own on any given day. Besides, Bull Point looks more authentic without one.

From within your gaze you can choose fly-fishing, boating, kayaking, crabbing, shrimping or harvesting oysters alongside six miles of tidal river frontage.

Or you can visit the 6,500 square foot Clubhouse, with its clay tennis courts, outdoor resort swimming pool, fitness center,  and library. Or drink in the sunset view over Huspah Creek.

Historic Downtown Beaufort, just 14 mins away, is a town that’s grateful for all the years of “progress” it may have missed. Whenever a big-city consultant comes to Beaufort to advise about economic development as a destination, they say something like this: “You’ve already got right here what everybody else is trying to re-create.”

Art, theatre, fine dining, higher education and exceptional health care are part of our community at Bull Point, thanks to our family-like ties to Beaufort.

The Legacy of Bull Point

When talking with people who’ve passed their wealth down through generations, something surprising comes up. It wasn’t the wealth, but the wisdom that they were intent on leaving their children. The wealth seems to follow.

So the subject of legacy is one we take seriously – and individually – at Bull Point.

A wise and personal choice, Bull Point has proven to be an example of that quality people seek in their legacy. Combining the beauty and desirability that draws the fortunate to the currents and tides of the sea islands, with the prudent judgement of the people who brought us up, a home at Bull Point is likely to endure and enrich from generation to generation.

What the Master Planner saw

Not only did William Bull help Oglethorpe site and lay out Savannah, but Bull’s father chose the site of Charleston, seeing in his mind’s eye the great seaport and all it could mean to the early colonies. So choosing wisely ran in the family when it came to locating good ground for William’s own home here at Bull Point.

That might be one reason that Bull Point enjoys enough elevation to stay out of trouble with the surrounding waters, earning a Zone C designation from FEMA as an “area of minimal flood hazard.” Zone C applies to 700 acres of Bull Point, 95% of the property here. Zone C indicates an area above the 500-year flood level, with obvious influence on an owner’s insurance rates, as well as peace of mind.

Anywhere from here

Close behind the sense of privacy people find at Bull Point is some of the most favorable accessibility anywhere on the Carolina coast.

One of our residents who declines to “retire” says he can be in Manhattan’s financial district for breakfast, or in Los Angeles for lunch, leaving Bull Point on the same day.

For scheduled airlines, Charleston and Savannah International airports are each an hour’s drive, presenting a host of options. Private jets land even closer at Walterboro, 34 minutes away, where the 6,002-ft. runway can easily handle the best-selling business jet, Embraer’s Phenom 300, and even the classic Learjet 45XR. General aviation services for propeller-driven planes are only 28 minutes away in Ridgeland.

First-class healthcare is close too, and you have your choice with Beaufort Memorial Hospital about 20 minutes away from Bull Point and Coastal Carolina Hospital just ten minutes farther than that.

Twenty minutes from Bull Point is the town of Beaufort, often named to the shortest lists of America’s most desirable small cities, for its historic atmosphere and vibrant arts and theater scene. We’re also only about an hour from Hilton Head Island, which we think is just about right.